Data Storage  - Access for Flexible Offices

The introduction of new data formats such as DVD has presented a growing need for companies to be able to store varying types of material. In response to this Britannia Storage Systems has developed a data storage system to house materials of any format in any type of environment.

Peter Rimell, managing director, Britannia Storage systems comments, “General office space is increasingly being used to store electronic data as a replacement to paper originals. We have also found that many companies such as hospitals and broadcasting houses are needing to store a variety of materials under one roof. Britannia has therefore developed a storage system which offers immense flexibility to the customer enabling them to house varying types of material within the same unit.”

Systems can be supplied that readily allow for expansion as storage requirements increase. In addition the depth of the unit can be modified and specially designed inserts installed to cater for all types of cassettes, data reels/tapes, discs and video’s. Britannia‘s past projects include the BBC Tape Store.

The system consists of Britannia’s Beta and Delta shelving which is added to static or mobile units depending on the accessibility required. Static units are ideal for an office that needs constant access to all records. The mobile system can be used for the same purpose but offers more flexibility and increased storage capacity as the units can be moved on tracks making it idea for the storage of film and video tape.

Optional extras include an automated lighting system, which operates when the mobile unit is accessed and anti-tilt mechanism for added stability.

With its wealth of knowledge and experience, and reputation as a top manufacturer and supplier of quality storage equipment, Britannia is well placed to discuss the needs of organisations of any size. With every new project a 3-year warranty and maintenance agreement is available and systems are approved to BS EN ISO9002:1994.

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