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Museum of Free Derry

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"The Museum of Free Derry was established by the Bloody Sunday Trust to tell the story of the civil rights movement and the creation of Free Derry in the 1960s and 1970s.
It tells the story of the people of a working class community who endured oppression and rose up against it.
The story is told from the people's point of view.
The museum, which centres around the events of Bloody Sunday, is dedicated to all who have struggled for civil rights everywhere."

"The cases, installed by Britannia in December 2006, hold documents and artefacts from the civil rights and early troubles period in Ireland, including clothing worn by some of those killed on Bloody Sunday.
Many of the items in the cases, although fairly recent in museum terms, are historically priceless and irreplaceable."


Museum of Free Derry
55 Glendafa Park
BT48 9DR

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