Office Mobile - Space Saving Storage

Office Mobile has been specially designed to provide space saving benefits, with easy install and relocation characteristics which leave no trace of fixings.  Additionally it can readily be expanded or adapted to suit changing needs.  In most instances the system will increase storage by up to 80% or reduce space requirements by 30%, to provide a rapid return on capital expenditure.

Office Mobile can be supplied with a wide range of shelving, cabinets, drawer or filing systems.  I many instances existing storage units can also be mobilised.

Simple to install with a minimum of disruption, tracks and floor can be laid on top of most existing floors permitting relocation if required without the need to uplift fixings or damage existing floor finish.  Track levelling facilities aid the smooth running of units which do not have to follow any irregularities in the floor and the positive chain drive reduces the prospect of units "slipping" under drive.

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