Quality Policy



Britannia Storage Systems are leaders in the manufacture, supply and installation of storage and display equipment to both trade and end users. This includes the distribution of products manufactured by third parties and direct catalogue sales and the range includes high quality glass and plastic display cases. We also provide a sub contract manufacturing service, data archival and equipment storage services.

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services that satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers and interested parties. To meet this aim the Quality Policy is subject to the Management Review to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, and to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose, scale, nature and impact of the company's activities, products and services.

We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction at all levels throughout the organisation and to that end the company ensures that customer needs and expectations are continuously identified, transposed into specific requirements and satisfied. This is achieved through the implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management System, and any relevant legal, corporate, customer or other obligations to which the company subscribes. This is evidenced by documented procedures, objectives and results and is maintained by a system of Internal Audits, an annual Management Review, and independent audits by recognised bodies that may also include our customers.

Quality Objectives will normally be set as a result of the Management Review or actions arising from this policy and will be communicated to the individuals concerned as per the procedures in the Quality Manual. Specific quality objectives can also be assigned through results of internal audits, changes in applicable legislation or customer/interested party requirements, or as part of the ongoing continual improvement programme. Quality objectives are documented and reviewed as appropriate.

The development, training and awareness of our personnel is a major factor in the understanding, implementation and maintenance of the system. Our procedures ensure compliance with all requirements to which the company subscribes. It is a condition of employment that all employees follow the appropriate procedures at all times. Failure to do so will be treated very seriously and may lead to disciplinary measures.

The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for the Quality Management System but quality is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation. In recognising the importance of the Quality Management System the company has appointed a Management Representative who has responsibility and authority for all matters pertaining to the system elements. It is the responsibility of Britannia Storage Systems to provide adequate and appropriate resources to implement this policy.

This policy has been defined by the senior management of Britannia Storage Management, and has been communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organisation as per the procedures in the Quality Manual. It is available to interested parties.

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