Why Mobile Storage?

Increase your storage capacity Mobile storage and filing systems can practically double the storage capacity of your floor area. Mobile bases allow the storage units to be moved on rails so that only one access aisle is required thus minimising wasted floor space.
Increase storage space Alternatively, if floor space is at a premium mobile storage systems can reduce the floor area required by up to 50% of that needed for a traditional static system, releasing valuable floor space for more profitable uses.
Improved Security A single lock fitted to the end mobile can secure an entire system with the turn of a single key preventing unauthorised access to the material that it contains.  If necessary, an improved level of security can be provided by fitting locks to all mobiles.
Efficiency and ease of operation Britannia Mobile Storage units are easy to operate and improve staff efficiency by reducing retrieval times. Even heavily loaded units can be easily moved, using our ergonomically designed hand wheel drive system, which incorporates a specially designed gearbox. 
Installation Britannia mobile systems can be installed quickly with minimal disruption and can be installed directly onto most floor surfaces, including raised access computer floors.
Decorative end panels Where aesthetics are important mobile storage systems can be finished with decorative end and back panels in a range of styles tailored to precisely suit your requirements including a vast selection of laminates and wood veneers.
Durable Finish Our mobile bases are epoxy powder coated in your choice of colours from our standard range to give a high quality and long lasting finish.
Shelving Our mobile bases can be fitted with a large range of shelving and cupboard systems to allow an optimised solution to your requirements.   We can also provide a mobile system that incorporates your own existing static shelving or cupboards to convert a static system to a mobile.
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