Managed Archive Services for East Anglian Businesses

Document and data storage can be a major headache for many companies and organisations. Often documents are stored without the proper indexing needed to allow fast and easy access when required. Trying to find a document from last year can cost your staff hours of searching through records and, in many cases, can still require the original work to be repeated.

Using a professional archiving service will enable your staff to access records with greater speed and efficiency allowing more time to be spent on productive duties.

Optimising office costs is always a prime concern of any business and one certain way to achieve this is to maximise the use of office space. Consider how much room you currently use for your essential records and those of your customers.

Why not release your space for more lucrative purposes and let Britannia Storage Systems solve long and short-term storage problems before they become too acute, engulfing yet more space and adding to the time taken to retrieve necessary files.


  • Significantly reduce your high cost of office space
  • Pay only for space that is used
  • Use current storage space for more productive purposes
  • Improve the appearance of your office by eliminating document clutter
  • Reduce wasted administrative time spent searching for lost documents
  • Gain prompt and efficient access to your files or data.

Based in Essex we offer a highly efficient and cost-effective data archiving service to companies in East Anglia and beyond. In addition to archival we also offer a range of other related services including destruction reminders, document shredding, file indexing, etc.

Document Archive - vault 1a Document Archive - vault 2 Document Archive - vault 1b

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