The Quaker Tapestry

Frank Showcase System acrylic cases were chosen by the Quaker Tapestry in Kendal to protect their totally unique collection of embroidery panels.  This important collection is an inspiring and colourful embroidery that has been beautifully illustrated by 4000 men, women and children from 15 countries between 1981 and 1996. It is a delightful visual chronicle of Quaker life from 1652 to the present day. The Museum was faced with the problem of protecting the embroidered panels from the increasing numbers of visitors to the Quaker Tapestry Centre at the Friends Meeting House in Kendal.  In addition, a selection of the panels are taken on tour each year and the display cases need to be portable.

Britannia recommended Manfred Frank display cases that were both lightweight and demountable.  An innovative design allowed a cost-effective solution that provided the high clarity acrylic display cases and a method for demounting the selected panels for the touring display.

It was also decided to use the same display system to protect the Barrett Friendship Quilt. A major work of art in the Quaker Tapestry collection, this 19th Century quilt has connections to the Victorian Art World, William Morris and Queen Victoria herself. Britannia supplied the plinth on which the Quilt is displayed and a special display plate with retention slot for the display case.

The display cases were installed with minimum disruption whilst the museum was still open to the public.  Britannia also supplied transport cases for the safe movement of display cases whilst on tour.

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