Frank Showcase System

The Frank Showcase System is a totally new and flexible approach to Museum, Exhibition and Merchandising display.    Developed initially for display of museum artefacts, the features of the Frank System make it the obvious choice in a variety of display applications either freestanding or wall mounted . . . for trophies, collectables, memorabilia and retail point-of-sale.

The simplicity, strength and elegance of the system combined with excellent security (each case is supplied with a patented corner lock which secures the case and its contents) allows the ASC to be used for priceless artefacts as well as expensive in-store merchandising . . . eyewear, watches, jewellery and cosmetics, etc.

The essence of the Frank System is its acrylic panels which are easily assembled with a fine-line framing system which minimises visual distraction. You see the contents and not the case Each case packs flat for transportation and storage.   Assembly is easy - there are no screws, glues or special forming required. The finished showcases are completely sealed and dust-free, with each case having its own locking corner, which can be keyed according to your individual requirements.

Add to the impact of your displays by customising the Frank case with shelves, lighting, coloured panels or graphics, remembering that the modular nature of the system allows you to easily change the design of your display. Great if you want to launch a new product with a new look, or as your corporate image evolves.  The ASC system is innovative, easy to use and easy to obtain . . . just call us now for no obligation advice on how the Frank Showcase system can resolve your display problems.

Bradford Millennium Tapestry 'London Look', Museum of London Church Farm Museum, Skegness Coggeshall Museum
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