Adjustable Tracks for Mobile Storage

Britannia Storage Systems have a patented, adjustable track system for mobile storage that readily overcomes the problems of floor deflection changes that can happen when the weight of materials in store change or when floor settlement occurs. Traditional fixed track systems can be laid with great accuracy but this is all to no avail if an increased volume of material on the shelving causes the floor itself to deflect.
This unique and patented solution involves the fitting of special supports under the tracks that can also be used to support a raised computer floor or similar. Through track adjusters are fitted so that the height of each supporter can be adjusted by a special key (up or down) at any time, even when the system is fully loaded.
The system can be designed to operate under high loads and the simple adjustability ensures that tracks can be kept level even when system loads change or in the event of floor settlement.

For more information about how our patented adjustable track system can help you please contact us.

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