Go Mobile For Better Financial Returns

The principle of mobile storage is well established, worldwide, as a most cost effective method of space utilisation, either by practically doubling storage capacity or relieving half the available room for more profitable work practices. The on-going benefits of simplified security, and shorter picking routes with rapid retrieval, which lead to improved stores management, are virtually incalculable. Runs of appropriate storage units are assembled on engineered wheeled metal bases.   These are mounted on floor set rails between static and units, with sufficient room only for a single aisle to be opened up, at will, anywhere within the stack. Units are simply and effortlessly moved to provide the required access.

Drive Options.

For short runs or lighter loads, it is sufficient to simply propel the units along the rails by hand, to open up the picking aisle as required. In most instances however, the aisle opening process is aided by mechanical assistance chosen from two drive options:

  • Chain drive, a positive system.
  • Direct drive, a friction system.
  • In either instance, a 3 spoked wheel or alternatively a steering wheel is provided on the end of each mobile run.   Locking devices are available, incorporated adjacent to the handle.

    Alternative Method of Rail Installation

  • On existing floor with the option of a flush secondary floor.
  • Let into a new floor by making provisions during building works.
  • Let into an existing floor which is subsequently 'made good' before commissioning the installation.
  • Utilising our unique, patented, adjustable track system that readily overcomes floor deflection changes. For more information about adjustable tracks follow this link.
  • Base Finish

    The mobile bases are normally finished with a black epoxy powder coating, but can be supplied in certain specified colours.

    Decorative ends to the shelving.

    These may be formed of metal, plywood, or laminated panels of your choice.

    N.B. It is necessary to check that the floor area to be used for the mobile installation is capable of supporting the intended loads. Information on these loads can be provided, if required.

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